7 Best Vegan Protein Bars

By | August 5, 2015

While there is a wide selection of vegan protein bars on the market, only a few are of high quality. Many contain too much-added sugar, artificial additives and poor quality protein sources.

Most vegan protein bars are made with soy protein, a cheap and highly processed plant-based protein. Over 90% of soybeans grown in the US is genetically modified (GM) to be tolerant to glyphosate, the chemical used in the popular weed killer, Roundup. This has led to the overuse of Roundup, development of glyphosate-resistant superweeds and high residue levels of glyphosate in GM soy crops. Glyphosate residues have been detected in both humans and animals, and Roundup has been found to be hazardous to human health.

After evaluating several dozens of brands for their ingredients and macronutrient profile, we’ve rounded up our picks of the best vegan protein bars…

1.Rise Bar

One word to describe Rise bars: SIMPLE!

3-5 ingredients in Rise protein bars, providing a whopping 15-20g of protein!  There are 2 vegan protein bars:

  • Lemon Cashew 
    4 ingredients: cashews, coconut nectar, pea protein and lemon extract

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  • Sunflower Cinnamon 
    5 ingredients: Sunflower butter, coconut nectar, pea protein, cinnamon and vanilla extract

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  • Chocolatey Coconut 5 Ingredients: Cashews, pea protein, coconut nectar, carob powder and shredded coconut

rise bars where to buy

The high-quality pea protein delivers 15g of protein that is entirely plant-based while cashews or sunflower seeds round out the amino acid profile in the bars, giving complete protein profiles without dairy or animal products.

ZERO: GMOs, soy, dairy, peanuts, gluten, refined sugars, sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, additives and preservatives.

Rise vegan protein bars are free from many allergens, so they are great for people with several food sensitivities or special dietary needs.

Summary of Nutrition Facts:

Each bar = 60g
Calories = 260-280
Total carb = 21-23g (Fibre 1-2g, Sugar 12g)
Protein = 15g
Fat = 13-15g

Where To Buy Rise Protein Bar:

2. Raw Rev Glo Bar

Raw Rev Glo is a new line of vegan protein bars from Raw Revolution.

These bars are made with raw and organic ingredients, like nuts and seeds. They provide 10-15g of easily digestible plant-based proteins derived from organic brown rice, organic hemp and pea. In addition, they contain organic chia, almonds and organic flax seeds that are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals.

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Raw Rev Glo bars come in 8 flavours. Check them out here.

ZERO: GMOs, dairy, gluten, sugar alcohols, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, additives and preservatives.

Summary of Nutrition Facts:
(depending on flavour)

Each bar = 46g
Calories = 180-190
Total carb = 17-20g (Fibre 10-14g, Sugar 2-5g) 
Protein = 10-15g
Fat = 11-12g

Raw Rev Glo bars have great macronutrient ratios.  They are high in fibre and protein, with most carbs consisting of fibre. They are also remarkably low in sugar, with as little as 2g in the creamy peanut butter & sea salt bars.

Where To Buy Raw Rev Glo Bar

3. Garden Of Life: Organic Fit Protein Bar

Organic Fit protein bar is a low glycemic and high protein snack to support your diet and exercise program. Here’s why…

Each bar provides:

  • 14g of plant-based protein to build and refuel muscle
  • 225mg of organic Svetol green coffee bean extract to help burn fat and boost metabolism
  • 13-14g of organic prebiotic fibre to help you feel full longer
  • 150mg of organic Ashwagandha to fight cravings

… with only 1g of sugar!

garden of life organic fit protein bar, best vegan protein bar

Garden Of Life Organic Fit Protein Bar

ZERO: refined sugar, GMOs, gluten, soy, dairy, wheat, artificial additives and preservatives.

Summary of Nutrition Facts (depending on flavour)

Serving size: 1 bar (55g)
Calories: 190-200
Protein: 13-14g
Total Carbs: 26g
- Dietary Fiber 13-14g
- Sugars 1g
Total Fat: 7-8g

Where to buy Garden of Life Organic Fit protein bar
–> iHerb

4. Sun Warrior Sol Good Protein Bars

With 17 to 19 grams of plant-based protein and approximately a 1:1 ratio of protein to fibre, it’s no wonder that Sun Warrior Sol Good protein bars are filling and satiating. The powerhouse, plant-based protein blend from pea, brown rice and quinoa provides all the amino acids needed by your body.

Sun Warrior Sol Good protein bars are larger than typical protein bars, so can be consumed as a meal replacement to fuel your healthy lifestyle.

sunwarrior sol good protein bar, best vegan protein bar

ZERO: refined sugar, GMOs, gluten, soy, dairy, wheat, artificial additives and preservatives.

Summary of Nutrition Facts (Blueberry Blast)

Serving size: 1 bar (66g)
Calories: 212
Protein: 17g
Total Carbs: 30g
- Dietary Fiber 16g
- Sugars 7g
Total Fat: 6g

Where to buy Sun Warrior Sol Good Protein Bar
–> iHerb

5. Orgain Organic Protein Bar

Although smaller than other protein bars, Orgain Organic protein bar is packed with goodness. High quality, organic ingredients and plant-based protein are what make it a truly delicious and nutritious protein bar.

Being certified organic means Orgain Organic protein bars are made without synthetic hormones, antibiotics, toxic pesticides, artificial sweeteners, artificial colours and GMOs.

With 10g of protein and 150 calories or less per bar, Orgain Organic protein bar is a highly nutritious protein snack between meals or a great alternative to dessert.

Orgain Organic Protein Bar, best vegan protein bar

Orgain Organic Protein Bar

ZERO: refined sugar, GMOs, gluten, soy, dairy, wheat, artificial additives and preservatives.

Summary of Nutrition Facts (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)

Serving size: 1 bar (40g)
Calories: 140
Protein: 10g
Total Carbs: 20g
- Dietary Fiber 6g
- Sugars 5g
- Erythritol 3g
Total Fat: 5g

Where to buy Orgain Organic Protein Bar
–> iHerb

6. MusclePharm Organic Protein Bar

The complete proteins in MusclePharm Organic bars are sourced from organic brown rice protein and organic pea protein. Each bar provides 15g of clean, plant-based protein. MusclePharm Organic bars are a vegan-friendly alternative to the flagship MusclePharm Combat Crunch dairy protein bars.

As these bars are made from organic ingredients, they are high quality, all natural snack option for when you’re on the go or as a small meal alternative.

Currently,  MusclePharm Organic bars are available in 2 flavours: chocolate toffee and peanut butter.

Summary of Nutrition Facts (depending on flavour):

Each bar = 50g
Calories = 170
Total carb = 25g (Fibre 9g, Sugar 6g, Sugar alcohol 1g)
Protein = 15g
Fat = 3.5g

musclepharm organic protein bar, best vegan protein bar

MusclePharm Organic Protein Bar

ZERO: GMOs, gluten, dairy, wheat and soy

Where to buy MusclePharm Organic Protein Bar
–> iHerb

7. No Cow Bar

Each No Cow bar provides a whopping 20-21g of plant protein (organic brown rice protein + pea protein) and 19-20g of fibre from isomalto-oligosaccharides (IMO). They contain no added sugar but are sweetened with monk fruit, stevia and erythritol.

ZERO: dairy, soy, gluten, GMOs, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, additives and preservatives.

Summary of Nutrition Facts (depending on flavour)

Serving size: 1 bar (60g)
Calories: 160-170

Protein: 20-21g
Total Carb: 25-27g
-Dietary Fibre 19-20g
-Sugars 1g
-Sugar alcohol 3-4g
Total Fat 4-5g
-Saturated Fat 1.5-2g

Where To Buy No Cow Bar
- VitaSprings

No Cow Bar, best vegan protein bars

No Cow Bar

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